Our Services

Landscape Design

We specialize in the design and implementation of exterior spaces that enhance your outdoor living experience. Our landscape designs combine natural beauty with function and sustainability. We’ll work with you to create the outdoor space you want providing visual harmony that will enhance the value of your home or business.


Carefully planned driveways, walkways, retaining walls and patios can enhance the functionality and visual appeal of your exterior spaces. We have years of experience building walks and patios of concrete, pavers, flagstone, etc., for any type of yard or outdoor space. We also build beautiful ponds, waterfalls, etc. of natural stone and boulders.


We do extensive work in concrete, stone, pavers, brick, block,etc. Our flagstone patios for instance may be set in soil with ground cover planted in-between; on compacted decomposed granite; or mortared onto a concrete base with grout in-between. Retaining walls may have a poured concrete footing with re-bar, or sectional masonry units on compacted base.


We can design and build a wide variety of outdoor structures for your home, the most common of which are decks.

An outdoor deck can add significant value to your property and at the same time become an exciting new space for entertainment and relaxation. We work with you to create a custom deck that reflects your own good taste, and that enables you to bring your indoor lifestyle out of doors.

In addition to decks we also design and construct beautiful fences, arbors, trellises, etc. Our fences are designed to fit your needs and budget. We build anything from an open 3 foot split rail fence to a 6 foot custom designed redwood privacy fence. Our arbors and trellises can provide a beautiful focal point for your entry gate or shade on a hot patio.


If you’ve considered turning your landscape into a beautiful night-scape with low-voltage accent lighting, we can make that happen. Lighting not only provides a stunning backdrop after dark but a measure of security for your home as well. Steps in particular should be well lit to prevent tripping in the dark.


We specialize in drought tolerant, drip irrigations systems that use the least amount of water and at the same time provide for optimum health and growth of your garden. We also install a wide variety of drainage systems to suit your needs.